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Mapping the World – Business South Annual Conference

Mapping the World – Business South Annual Conference

Mapping the World – Business South Annual Conference 1024 1024 moxhamsavhire

One of the most important dates in the South Regions business calendar is the Business South Annual conference. The conference took place on 3rd July at the Ageas Hilton. Now in its 10th year this conference allows the most influential business people in the region to meet, discuss and hear a diverse range of keynote speakers.

Moxhams provided all of the production elements of the conference.
Project Manager Richard Squire comments “This was an important year for the Business South conference as it hit its 10th anniversary mile stone. I felt that I needed to find a way to mark the occasion and do something a little different to previous years. Introducing a three dimensional environment as a backdrop to the conference was an interesting concept we all explored”.
Squire went on to design a set that allowed for a visually interesting opening to the conference and also a practical layout that allowed all delegates to see and obtain all the important information from the presentations.

Video mapping was used to wrap the opening VT around a 4 meter sphere, in addition to this projection surface a centre screen was used to link the whole opening together. The staging came in the form of a round 3m stage to the right of the space with a catwalk style element linking to it.

Head of Events Kevin Woods commented, “Video mapping is an exciting way to communicate a message. In an day and age where modern technology is at the forefront of everything we do in our daily lives, the days of projecting PowerPoint’s on a single screen have long gone. Delegates expect to be visually stimulated and for information and data to be presented in a new and exciting way”.

Robe Lighting was the main tool used to light the stage and venue.
Colour washed walls and staging area helped to focus delegates attention towards the stage area.
Moxhams also provided, Sound & Video content creation for this event.


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