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NOC 2017

NOC 2017

NOC 2017 624 624 Moxhams AV Hire & Events Management

National Oceanography Centre

MATS & MARS Conference 2017

Enlisting the help of Buchannan’s Events to build a 30m x 20m Marquee, Moxhams transformed an empty dockside in to an incredible event space. Installing a set dressed with Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles and Ocean Gliders bought context and depth to the Marine Autonomy and Technical Showcase.

Double stacking two high output Christie Projectors allowed for rear projection on a 16’ x9’ screen embedded in a 40ft set. Utilising a Yamaha sound system allowed for presentations to be heard throughout the event, whilst battling the sounds of the docks. Presenters chose to take advantage of the Shure wireless system or using the Shure lectern microphones.

Supplying power for the event with the help of ESL Electrical Services, Moxhams ensured each exhibitor had the correct power requirements for their stands, which in turn meant the entire event was contained within the Marquee; allowing for networking coffee breaks to be focused around the research and work carried out by students and post graduates.

“The event organising team were impressed with the overall result of the project, especially as all of the elements of the Marquee as a venue were project managed by the Moxhams team at very short notice. Post event feedback from delegates attending rated 93% Excellent or Good for the overall Audio Visual services provided by the Moxhams team…”

Ian Folger, Events Manager National Oceanography Centre 



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